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Manual ANDON system

The ID.TAG from IDENTYTEC is a universal call button. Individually configurable messages can be transmitted to almost all systems. A simple press of the button can place an order, or send a message to a specific address.

The ID.TAG can be used as an ANDON system in many ways, e.g. For:
– Goods ready for collection (report to forklift / route driver)
– Worker needs help (report to office)
– Problem at the location (report to maintenance)
– Etc.

More flexibility thanks to multi-button

IDENTYTEC has developed the ID.MULTI-TAG as a solution for locations where different messages must be processed. The buttons of the ID.MULTI-TAG can be configured individually. Orders / messages can be sent to different systems / people.

The advantages of ID.TAG

Individual messages

ID.TAG can send configured messages to different people or locations

Entries in inventory management

ID.TAG can transmit entries to the merchandise management system used

Personal messages

ID.TAG can send emails and notifications to apps and end devices

Direct feedback through LED

ID.TAG indicates that a message has been issued by pressing a button

More flexible thanks to the multi-button

ID.MULTI-TAG offers several messages to be sent from one location

Report to several systems

ID.MULTI-TAG can send identical messages to several systems


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    ID.TRACK from IDENTYTEC automatically detects the removal of trolleys / trailers from a monorail lane. ID.TRACK records the removal at the respective place of consumption and sends a material replenishment order to the system without delay.

    Manuall ANDON

    ID.TAG from IDENTYTEC is a universally applicable call button. Individually configurable messages can be transmitted to almost all systems. From entries in the system, via messages to the inventory management, to messages to addresses or terminals, can be reported by pressing a button.

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