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Problems caused by manual quantity recording

ID.SHELFswitch always checking for the presence of material. If a small load carrier is removed, ID.SHELFswitch recognizes, depending on its position in the flow rack, whether the minimum stock has been reached. When the minimum stock is reached, an order is automatically placed. The positioning in the flow rack is configured based on your needs. Both the number of containers to be delivered and the available delivery time can be stored in the system as required.


Existing containers are recorded

ID.SHELFswitch recognizes the existence of totes in the rack

Fully automatic acquisition

ID.SHELFswitch orders material automatically

Minimum stock decides position

ID.SHELFswitch triggers material replenishment orders depending on the position


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    Electronic KANBAN

    ID.SHELFswitch from IDENTYTEC is a battery-operated radio switch that detects the fill level in the flow rack and, when the minimum stock level is reached, automatically activates a

    Level measurement by
    laser monitoring

    ID.LASER from IDENTYTEC permanently records the different fill levels. From the monitoring of containers in the small tote area, to position detection in the bulk area – the ID.LASER automatically detects the minimum stock and ensures that material is replenished.

    Inventory measurement
    of trolleys

    ID.TRACK from IDENTYTEC automatically detects the removal of trolleys / trailers from a monorail lane. ID.TRACK records the removal at the respective place of consumption and sends a material replenishment order to the system without delay.

    Manuall ANDON

    ID.TAG from IDENTYTEC is a universally applicable call button. Individually configurable messages can be transmitted to almost all systems. From entries in the system, via messages to the inventory management, to messages to addresses or terminals, can be reported by pressing a button.

    Driverless delivery system for KLT in production

    ID.ADD from IDENTYTEC is the solution for fully automatic replenishment control and delivery of small and large load carriers using driverless transport systems. We set new standards by integrating and combining innovative technologies.

    E-Kanban meets planning board

    Discover the potential of ID.HEIJUNKA for efficient planning and organization of processes in industrial production.